Renault achieved the best result of the season

Renault achieved the best result of the season

September 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Monza, Daniel Riccardo and Nico Hulkenberg finished fourth and fifth. This is not only the best result of the season, but also the best for Renault after returning to Formula 1 in 2016 – thanks to the 22 points earned, the team moved up to fifth place in the Design Cup, ahead of Toro Rosso.

Daniel Riccardo (4th): “We deserve today’s result. I repeated my best achievement at the finish in Monza, this time with Renault. I saw the battles ahead and thought there might be a good opportunity to earn a lot of points. I am happy for myself and for the team – fourth and fifth places – the best result of Renault after returning to Formula 1. The fact that it was achieved on the track where engine power is important can be considered a real Renault award for their hard work.

The race pace was really high – a good reward for the team. This result was a little late, but now I am very pleased! ”

Nico Hulkenberg (5th): “I am very pleased with the result. It’s great to achieve such a finish – I hope we will continue to perform in the same vein in the remaining seven races. We spend a difficult season, the team earned this result after several difficult stages. Great reward for everyone after hard work.

My race was simple. I started well and made two overtaking, and then was able to maintain a position. After that, the task was to get to the finish line, not to be mistaken and keep calm. Closer to the finish line I was pressed, but I did it. ”

Cyril Abitebul, team leader: “Today’s result is not only the best since the team returned to Formula 1, but also a demonstration that after the stages in Montreal and Spa the team made obvious progress in the work of the power plant, which was criticized in the past. The result demonstrates that everything is possible if the car is competitive, and also motivates to feel pleasant emotions again this season, which is not going very smoothly.

Our riders have shown what they are capable of driving a competitive car. They had a great race, understanding in difficult situations. A good result for the team, especially when you consider that there are several very difficult tracks waiting for us, where we will be less competitive. But now, let us rejoice in today’s achievement. ”