Renaissance Renault 4 patented in Europe

Renaissance Renault 4 patented in Europe

May 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

So far, the matter has been limited to one defense of design: when the brand will present at least a concept Renault, there is not even a hint.

The head of the Renault brand, Luca de Meo, is going to develop the so-called retro segment. The firstborn here will be the revived Renault 5 hatchback, which has already appeared in the form of a concept car.

And the French clearly do not intend to stop: but the queue is another retro Renault, and in the new model the fans of the brand saw a similarity to the classic Renault 4. The automaker filed a patent application with the European Patent Office in the fall of last year, and it was published only this month.

Recall that at one time Renault 4 became the first inexpensive model of the brand that received global status. And he is also called the “father” of the modern Renault Logan. The compact “five-door” had front-wheel drive, an unpretentious chassis and a simple interior.

Renault 4 was produced in four countries at once in the period from 1961 to 1992. During this time, 8.1 million cars were produced.

Interestingly, the Renault 4 design has already been tried on on the first generation Renault Duster. True, the result did not suit the French, and a completely different SUV came into production.

With Renault 4, the nameless car on the patent sketches is related by an elongated hood, a radiator grille organically connected with the optics, the same shape of doorways, similar rear roof pillars and bumpers. High ground clearance and a black body kit hint that the revived Renault 4 will belong to the crossover class. By the way, the passing name for such a model has already been patented – Renault 4Ever.

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