Red Bull will keep Honda engines after 2021

Red Bull will keep Honda engines after 2021

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has announced that it is ending its Formula 1 project. This also means that Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri must look for a new engine supplier.

Not so long ago, Honda surprised with a rather unexpected news: after the next season of Formula 1, it will leave the championship. The company is currently supplying V6 hybrid engines for the Red Bull Racing team, driven by Max Verstappen, and AlphaTauri. The announcement definitely came as a shock, although some time ago Honda said it was rethinking its position in the sport. And now it looks like the Japanese are going to stop.

The reason, according to Honda representatives, is its commitment to “neutralize CO2 emissions by 2050”. He wants to fully invest in it and work on it using the knowledge he has gained in racing. Further development and investment in the F1 project is no longer in line with this plan, probably also because Formula 1 “froze” the rules for engines for the coming years. Thus, the ceiling of innovation, it seems, has already been reached, and further participation in Formula 1 in the eyes of the leadership of Honda has become only a prestigious project.

The representative of the Red Bull racing team said that they are not going to abandon the operated engines after 2021. But they will be assembled by partners with whom they plan to conclude new contracts in the near future. This decision was made after the management of the Honda team decided to end their program at the end of 2021, ending their participation in Formula 1.

The Red Bull team considered Mercedes-Benz as a new partner and engine supplier, but the Germans firmly refused. Currently, the riders will be piloting Formula 1 cars with old engines that are regularly undergoing maintenance.