Red Bull removes ads in the Dutch province

Red Bull removes ads in the Dutch province

January 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The town of Maasland is located in the south-west of the Netherlands near the coast of the North Sea, and, as you can imagine, Formula 1 cars do not appear there every day, however today the roar of racing engines was heard all over the district.

For some reason, the Red Bull Racing team chose these edges for advertising shoots related to the upcoming Grand Prix of the Netherlands, although it’s quite far from the race track in Zandvoort, about 70 km.

Two cars were involved in the shooting, but who piloted them remains unknown, however, it certainly could not be the main team racers who were in Austria at that time.

The film crew tried not to advertise their actions, however, firstly, local residents were aware that the street with the name “Mill” was closed for traffic for several hours; secondly, they were attracted by the characteristic sound of the motors. Therefore, not far from the place of shooting, there were many curious people who watched the process.