Red Bull Racing is developing its own version of DAS

Red Bull Racing is developing its own version of DAS

July 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

During the days of the Austrian Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing team protested against Mercedes to use the DAS system, which was rejected by the Austrian Grand Prix stewards.

The head of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner on the air of the Austrian Servus TV said that he continues to consider DAS as an element of the suspension, rather than steering, and added that his team began to develop its version of the system.

Christian Horner: “Ultimately, DAS is designed to warm tires. Hearings regarding this system took place in Spielberg, and now we have all the explanations.

We are now investing tremendous resources in developing our version of DAS. Perhaps our decision will be more extreme, because now we know what is allowed. ”

In the first race of the season, Max Verstappen did not finish due to problems with the car. Christian Horner noted that the engineers found the reason: “We studied all the details and figured out the problem. “We will have to work on its elimination with Honda, but I’m sure that we will find a solution that will appear on all four cars.”