Red Bull Racing has problems with aerodynamics

Red Bull Racing has problems with aerodynamics

July 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the first stage of the season, the speed of the new Red Bull car was not too impressive, suffice it to say that Max Verstappen lost 0.538 seconds in the qualification to pole holder Valtteri Bottas. And this is on a rather short track in Spielberg.

The Red Bull Racing found out what caused such a noticeable lag, and believe that the problem can be solved, but it will take some time. Although certain changes in the aerodynamics of the RB16 will be made already by the second race of the season, which will be held at the same Austrian circuit.

Verstappen and Alexander Elbon lost the most in the 7th and 9th corners, the fastest on the Red Bull Ring, although it would seem that the cars built in Milton Keynes usually cope with such corners perfectly. An analysis by the team showed that under the influence of high lateral overloads, some elements of aerodynamics bent too much.

In particular, this applied to the bottom of the machine, to the bottom area. As a result, there was a partial disruption of the air flow, the car lost stability, and the riders felt it.

“That’s why Max’s car was deployed in training,” said Helmut Marko, Motorsport Advisor, Red Bull. – In order to make the behavior of the car in turns more predictable, we had to increase the downforce, because of this we lost time on the lines. But in racing, the problem manifested itself to a lesser extent, because a car with full tanks went through these turns 15-18 km / h slower. Therefore, we just have to make some elements tougher. ”

At the first stage of the season, the team tested two different versions of the front wing, but it is not yet clear which option will be used at the Styrian Grand Prix.

“Elbon lost a little in pace because of the front wing, but from the very beginning we agreed that if the new version is only in one copy, then Max will get it,” commented Marco. – Alex’s car was an old wing, which imperfectly interacted with the bottom of the car. Yes, and Elbon himself at the beginning of the weekend did not immediately gain speed, a long break in the races affected. But then he gradually dispersed. “

After the Red Bull protest against the DAS system developed by Mercedes was rejected, it was officially recognized as legal, but Marco does not say that the team will necessarily develop something similar: “We must carefully consider what we are going to do. The benefits of DAS are obvious. Mercedes uses this system mainly before fast laps in qualifications and before restarts during the race. It allows you to better warm up the rubber.

The downside is that the weight of the car increases by two kilograms. If you take up such a development, then you need to solve the problem more efficiently. But it will take two months. A short season awaits us, so the question arises: is there any point in wasting energy on such things? But now we are doing all the calculations. ”