Recycled cars turned into luxury designer items

Recycled cars turned into luxury designer items

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Stylish items can be made not only from high quality materials, but also from auto recycling products. Hyundai Fashions has proven this with the Re: Style 2020 collection

Many automakers, in parallel with the main product, produce a line of clothing, jewelry, perfumery, household items and much more. Oftentimes, they turn to third-party brands for help in creating these products. The Korean company Hyundai chose a different scenario and developed a truly unique collection.

Hyundai Fashions has recruited a variety of fashion brands to create its Re: Style 2020 collection. However, the main “trick” is not in the famous designers, but in the fact that the products for the products were rejected materials from the automotive industry and the recycling process. Among them are seat belts and airbags, upholstery, as well as foam, glass and more.

For example, Alighieri has transformed the remains of scrapped vehicles into stylish jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and chokers. Stylists E.L.V. DENIM has made a stylish jumpsuit from scraps of leather and the remnants of jeans left after finishing the car interior. Public School and pushBUTTON made vests from airbag fabric, and designer Richard Quinn created a fashionable corset from the same materials. Another unique piece is made from seat belts and carpet fabric. This is a large bag that Rosie Assulen worked on.

All of these items will be sold through the Selfridges online store starting October 13 of that year.