Record of the deceased Jesse Combs may fall into the Guinness Book

Record of the deceased Jesse Combs may fall into the Guinness Book

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The female pilot managed to accelerate to a speed of 856 km / h. When setting this record, Jesse Combs died.

Jesse Combs attempt to get the title of the fastest woman in the world will be considered by the Guinness Book of Records. This decision was announced during the event dedicated to Jesse, which was held at the Petersen Automobile Museum.

During the record, a woman died – her jet car crashed during the final race. She was 39 years old. If the results of the races are counted, then she will break the previous world speed record set in 1976 by Kitty O’Neill – 825.11 km/h (512.7 mph).

Jesse Combs made two races. During the first, it accelerated to a speed of 515.346 miles per hour (829.37 km/h), and during the second, the recorded speed was 548.432 miles per hour (882.62 km/h). The average value that can get into the Guinness Book of Records was 531.889 miles per hour (855.99 km/h).

From Sunday to Wednesday (September 25), the Petersen Automobile Museum hosts the Jesse Combs: Life at Full Speed ​​exhibition, which includes some of its motorcycles, helmets, awards and memorabilia. On Thursday, the Jesse Combs Foundation was announced to support young talents.

Combs is one of the most prominent personalities of the auto world of the last decade. She holds the 2013 speed record for 4-wheeled vehicles: driving the Eagle Supersonic Speed ​​Challenger, she accelerated to 398 mph (640.52 km/h). Last year, it accelerated to a speed of 483 miles per hour (777.31 km/h), but this result was not counted due to technical problems.

Members of the Combs family said that most of all she dreamed of becoming the fastest woman on Earth. She has been going to this since 2012. At the whim of fate, Jesse died at an incredible speed.