Recaro has created the perfect racing seats for SUVs

Recaro has created the perfect racing seats for SUVs

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sales of SUVs today are growing worldwide. The guys from Recaro decided to improve the off-road qualities of such cars with the help of special seats. With them, conquering any off-road will be easier and safer.

Recaro glanced with interest at the growing SUV segment and eventually contributed to its development by introducing special off-road seats. So, Cross Sportster ORV is considered a “pumped-up” version of Cross Sportster, created for passenger cars. But the Pro Racer SPG XL ORV is ideal for SUVs of different brands, guaranteeing a comfortable ride on different types of roads. Work on new seats took the company two years with the participation of Ford. Also, Vaughn Gittin Jr., an American self-taught racer who became a professional drifter, and Ultra4 off-road racing champion Lauren Healy, had a hand in the development of the novelty.

Cross Sportster ORV is characterized by more developed support from shoulder to torso, indispensable when driving on difficult tracks. When creating such chairs, they used a special foam that can absorb vibration and soften strong shocks. At the same time, they guarantee comfort during long races on the track.

When decorating off-road seats, a German nylon coating was used, which is easy to clean. Cross Sportster ORV also relies on built-in mounts and a number of adjustments.

 Working on the Pro Racer SPG XL ORV, specialists focused on protecting the spine from injury. Also, such a chair boasts a high level of moisture resistance and wear resistance. At its creation, high-quality shock-absorbing material was used, capable of withstanding the five years of FIA-approved off-road racing. This seat is compatible with different types of seat belts. There is no information on price lists for new items yet. The company promises to voice them in early February. On sale new off-road seats will appear only in April 2020.