RBW unveils electric roadster

RBW unveils electric roadster

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

RBW EV Classic Cars has unveiled a new prototype that combines the iconic MGB roadster design with a modern electric powertrain.

This vehicle can be powered by up to eight lithium-ion batteries under the hood and a 94 hp electric motor at the rear. Such an engine provides acceleration to 96 km / h in 9 seconds and a top speed of 129 km / h.

The electric roadster has a range of 257 km as standard with six batteries. This indicator increases to 322 km when installing another additional, that is, the seventh battery. At the same time, RBW did not disclose how much the model can travel on a single charge with eight batteries. It takes eight hours to recharge the batteries.

The electric concept features double transverse suspension and a new regenerative braking system. The manufacturer also noted that all parts and components used in the car are brand new.

As for the interior, it is worth noting the presence of leather seats, modern sensors and a multifunctional digital screen, as well as a 7-inch Pioneer multimedia system with GPS navigation. Although the car is technically a prototype, the electric roadster will hit the assembly line early next year. A total of 30 examples will be built, each starting at £ 90,000