Rating of the most popular cars in the United States

Rating of the most popular cars in the United States

January 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All records on the American car market expectedly hit pickups. However, local analysts have identified popular models in several popular segments at once.

At the end of last year, American motorists acquired about 17,420,000 brand new cars. This figure almost repeated the result of 2017 – the growth in demand was only one percent. Most willingly, the Americans chose pick-ups, so it is not surprising that the full-size Ford F-Series won the title of the best-selling car in the US. On his account 909,330 buyers.

The second largest figure, according to analysts, belongs to a pickup Chevrolet Silverado. In 2018, 585,582 people stopped their choice on this model. Closes the American top three most popular cars of the past year Dodge Ram – 536 980 units.

 Among classic passenger cars, the Toyota Camry business sedan (343,439 cars) is winning the palm. Honda Civic (325,760 units) is next, and complements the top three runners-up Toyota Corolla (303,732 cars).

Also last year, Hyundai Elantra (more than 200 thousand transactions), Ford Fiesta (51 730 copies), and Tesla Model 3 (140 317 cars) enjoyed particular interest among Americans. Among the premium cars, experts have identified the Lexus RX, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC.

 In the SUV segment, the Toyota RAV 4 compact crossover (427,168 sold cars) became the best. The remaining two places also belong to the products of the Japanese car industry – Nissan Rogue (aka X-Trail) and Honda CR-V (412,110 and 379,021 cars, respectively).