Rare Volkswagen Camper Van will be auctioned off

Rare Volkswagen Camper Van will be auctioned off

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Because of its extraordinary appearance, this motorhome has received the nickname “snail”. A total of 50 of these machines were produced, but only six copies have survived to us. One of them became the lot of the Bring A Trailer auction.

The basis for the unusual mobile home was the 1974 Volkswagen T2. The car was reworked by the Mexican company PaCoMobil.

In total, 50 of these campers were produced, but only a few copies managed to “survive” to this day. At the time of writing, the maximum rate for a rare tourist camper was $ 10,000. The auction is not over yet, so it is too early to call this amount final.

The camper is in fair condition except for a few bugs in the body and frame. However, these shortcomings can be forgiven, given the age of the car. The mileage of the motorhome exceeds 91 thousand kilometers.

At the same time, his engine is original – it is a 50-horsepower 1.6-liter air-cooled engine, combined with a 4-speed manual transmission. So in terms of speed, the camper lacks stars from the sky, but it captivates others – with an incredibly cozy atmosphere.

Inside the camper, a very convenient storage system is provided, there is an equipped kitchenette, a toilet, a recreation area where a small staircase leads, and a berth above the driver.

The interior has turned out to be “home”: a crystal chandelier, laminate flooring, a mosaic kitchen apron, fur pillows, etc.

Meanwhile, the Fiat Ducato camper concept with a unique modular interior was presented. The interior of such a motorhome is easily transformed taking into account the purpose of the trip: even the kitchen and bathroom are removable here.