Rare Toyota 2000GT 1967 left-hand drive sold for $ 912,500

Rare Toyota 2000GT 1967 left-hand drive sold for $ 912,500

October 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota 2000GT is a true legend for fans of the Japanese automaker. One copy of this model became an auction lot at RM Sotheby’s. Moreover, they paid more than the top rate for the car.

Toyota 2000GT 1967 can boast not only perfect condition, but also a “star” owner. The car from the auction at one time belonged to the legendary American race car driver Otto Linton. Hence, probably, its price -912,500 dollars. Moreover, the upper limit was originally 850 thousand dollars. At the auction for this “lot” a real battle unfolded. As a result, it went to an anonymous buyer.

Toyota 2000GT is number one hundred out of 351. It is based on the Solar Red 2000GT sports chassis. Moreover, this is one of 62 left-hand drive cars for the American car market. Before entering the auction, the rare coupe changed several owners. One of them carried out a complete restoration. This interference did not affect the authenticity of the model.

The car is powered by a two-liter inline six-cylinder engine from Toyota Crown, specially adapted for the 2000GT.

After the upgrade, the output of the power plant increased to 150 hp. Rear-wheel drive. Transmission – 5-speed manual transmission.

The car weighs only 1,088 kilograms, which ensures perfect handling. Its maximum speed reached 217 km / h – a rarity for cars of those years. The revolutionary nature of the car was emphasized by its price tag – it was one of the most expensive cars at the time.

Meanwhile, it became known that the new crossover Toyota Yaris Cross is entering the world markets. At the very beginning of November, the car will go on sale in Australia, and a little later it will be possible to buy it in Europe.