Rare 50-year-old Datsun 240Z went under the hammer

Rare 50-year-old Datsun 240Z went under the hammer

June 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the legendary Japanese sports car managed to help out nearly 125 000 dollars. Retrocar found its new owner at Bring A Trailer auction.

Datsun 240Z is considered a classic of the Japanese car industry. Immediately after his presentation back in 1969, this stylish sports coupe broke all sales records. The first buyers appreciated the incredible dynamics and controllability of the novelty, as well as the very affordable price tag. So, in the United States for this model they asked about $ 3,526. The novelty was presented to local motorists as a new type of economical car. The other day, the serial Datsun 240Z 1970 release was estimated at a more impressive amount. At the Bring A Trailer auction, they managed to sell it for 124,240 dollars.

It is known that the restoration of this almost 50-year-old retrocar came to grips with in the early 1990s. Then he got the original orange color of the body.


 For a long time, this sports coupe played the role of one of the exhibits at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York. In addition, this Datsun 240Z served as the basis for the scale model Franklin Mint with the same chassis number. During its long history, the expensive retro car managed to “run in” only 33,000 miles (a little more than 53,108 km).

 The salon of the sports car, despite its rather respectable age by automotive standards, is in excellent condition. Black vinyl upholstered armchairs, quilted side panel covers, wooden-framed steering wheel and wooden gearbox. The 2.4-liter inline six-cylinder engine with 151 hp returns drives the car.

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