Rare 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL E9 put up for sale

Rare 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL E9 put up for sale

July 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Despite its advanced age, the car is in excellent condition. They plan to bail out a considerable amount for it.

Online marketplace Bring a Trailer has announced the availability of yet another unique vehicle, this time the BMW 3.0 CSL E9, which was assembled in 1972. The car has been homologated for the European Touring Car Championship. The car is quite rare, since a total of 169 such cars were produced. However, it was not possible to preserve all the original parts – the car underwent restoration, as well as technical processing.

The first repairs were carried out in the 90s of the last century – then the car completely changed its color. Instead of the factory yellow color, it has become black with a branded three-color edging. From a technical point of view, the BMW 3.0 CSL E9 received a 3.5-liter M30B35 V6 engine. It is noteworthy that they decided to keep the original engine – it is sold together with the car and is included in the price.

The last modernization took place in 2014 in San Francisco – then the BMW 3.0 CSL E9 was equipped with a modern manual transmission, with which the dynamics of the car became much better.

The BMW 3.0 CSL features thin aluminum body panels, lighter glass and a rear spoiler. For the sample put up for sale, they plan to gain 115 thousand dollars

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