Range of hydrogen Hyundai Nexo will increase to 800 km

Range of hydrogen Hyundai Nexo will increase to 800 km

November 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is critical in the distance the new Hyundai Nexo can cover on a single charge.

The hydrogen fuel cell Hyundai Nexo was first shown to the public in early 2018. The Nexo is a premium mid-size crossover built on its own unique platform with a rated range of up to 612 kilometers when fully charged. Another drawback is its price, which is around $ 60,000, as advanced fuel cell technology is not cheap.

However, the South Korean automaker has no plans to ditch the FCEV segment either in the US or elsewhere. This remains a profitable investment as the automotive industry continues to move away from combustion engines towards electrification. Batteries may eventually become the main source of energy, but FCEVs have not been ruled out yet.

However, Hyundai is currently planning a major upgrade for the Nexo, bringing its range to 800 kilometers. For comparison, the recently unveiled Tesla Model S Long Range Plus has a range of 647 km. The $ 140,000 Model S Plaid has a claimed range of 837 km, but the Nexo costs much less.

This information about the Nexo originally came about when the South Korean president visited the Hyundai plant in the country and inquired about the Nexo lineup. Hyundai executives felt it necessary to answer the president’s question and said: “I plan to increase its [Nexo’s] range to 800 km in the future.”

The reason for the South Korean president’s particular interest in Nexo is that Hyundai has sold over 10,000 Nexos since they went on sale in March 2018. The increase in the vehicle’s range from 600 to 800 km is a serious claim to the advantage of the company’s technical capabilities and the country’s commitment to zero emissions. According to preliminary data, the updated Hyundai Nexo should arrive sometime in 2021.