Ram will release a small pickup. There is a first image

Ram will release a small pickup. There is a first image

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American manufacturer of pickups – the company Ram, is on the verge of making the final decision on creating a mid-size cargo model. The novelty should become a worthy receiver of the Dodge Dakota truck, which was sold in the last century.

In the current lineup of the company Ram there are no medium-sized trucks, unlike its American and Japanese competitors. But we must pay tribute to Ram, because in the late 1980s, this company was a pioneer in the segment of mid-size pickups with the Dodge Dakota model – this car was very popular during the 1990s. This truck left the market in its third generation in 2011, when its price became very high and buyers could pay the same amount of money, but already for a full-size pickup truck.

Since then, times have changed, and although representatives of the Ram delirium have not yet officially confirmed their decision to introduce a new mid-size pickup truck, it has been said more than once that this opportunity is being seriously considered.

Designers are tired of waiting for the long-awaited receiver of the legendary Dodge Dakota to appear and presented their version of the car.

  Artists decided to take the full-size Ram 1500 pickup as the basis for this render. The car received a classic body with an extended cab, which was exactly what Dodge Dakota had in the 1990s. The front also largely repeats the Dakota, with the exception of changes in the lower part of the front panel. The two-tone body paint scheme is a reference to the first generation Dodge Dakota, and the rest of the form borrowed smooth lines from the larger Ram 1500.

  I must say that the Italian-American concern FCA, which includes Ram, already has a medium-sized truck – the Jeep Gladiator. It seems to me that if the leadership of the Ram brand decides on a mid-size pickup, then it will be very soon.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Ram pickups received “very black” special versions. RAM pickups received new special versions under the names “Limited Black” and “Night Edition”. Their main feature, as the name implies, is the abundance of black accents. The debut of such blackened pickups, it was decided to coincide with the Texas Fair.