Ram spoke about his new back door

Ram spoke about his new back door

February 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The door in the new Ram brand pickups can fold like a traditional tailgate or swing open in a 60/40 ratio. It is a separate option.

GMC surprised everyone after presenting its fancy rear door for the Sierra pickup, but Ram has a look at how the rear door of a pickup truck really should look. The so-called multifunctional rear door Ram offers four-way versatility for access to the cargo side, which includes a cool 60/40 opening function. The rear door is also lowered, and its sections can be opened separately.

“The Ram’s multifunctional rear door is intuitive, and the owners of our pickups will immediately find it useful,” said Reid Bigland, head of the Ram.

“In combination with the exclusive RamBox function and the new step of the back door, we take the management and storage of goods in our pickups to a new level.”


By opening to the side, not down, access to the platform is greatly simplified. This is especially useful for people who often carry a lot of things behind their backs and, as a rule, are forced to stretch over the side or stretch through the back door. Ram says door halves can be controlled independently of each other. If you have products hidden on the right side of the platform, you only need to open the right door flap. The door can withstand 907 kg of weight.

The multifunctional rear door is a separate option will be available for all versions of the Ram 1500 pickup, starting in the second quarter of 2019.