Ram made an off-road car from a pickup truck

Ram made an off-road car from a pickup truck

April 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Ram 1500 pickup was handled by the specialists of the Aznom design house. The model was taken as the basis for the previous generation, which had already been withdrawn from production. The creators said that they built a “luxury sedan-terrain vehicle”, which looks, at least, interesting, original and, no doubt, brutal.

The project, called Aznom Atulux, was presented to the public at the Top Marques Festival in Monaco. The front of the converted car looks identical to the standard model, but if you look at it in profile or from the stern, you can see that the version with a full-sized four-door cab probably was used, judging from the width of the rear doors. In the process of transformation, the car received one more rack, and the hinged side of the body became part of the trunk lid. About the changes in the technical stuffing nothing is reported.

In the salon of the American-Italian “alteration”, true luxury reigns. For interior decoration leather and alcantara were used in brown shades. In the back there are two luxurious armchairs, separated by a massive console made of wood. By the way, the latter hides a whole arsenal of opportunities for entertainment of the second-row rear passengers – a mini-bar, a coffee machine and even a game console.

Note that Ram pickups are very popular in the US market, however, they are inferior to their competitors in terms of sales. Last year, the United States sold 500,723 Ram units, while the segment leader, the Ford F-Series sold 896,764 units, and the Chevrolet Silverado had silver with 585,864 units sold.