Racing Mustang for Australia got a turbo engine V6 and a huge rear wing

Racing Mustang for Australia got a turbo engine V6 and a huge rear wing

November 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Supercars Championship Car Passed First Tests

The Australian DJR Team Penske racing team conducted the first tests of a new Ford Mustang, prepared for the Supercars Championship. The two-door coupe will replace the sedans Ford Falcon, who drove in the championship since the 90s.

The racing car was prepared jointly by the DJR Team Penske team, the American division of Ford Performance and the Tickford Racing team. Under the hood is the turbo engine V6 Ecoboost – for the first time in the history of the championship Supercars: previously used atmospheric V8. Moreover, Ford and Holden sedans were special racing engines built in the USA from scratch according to the Naskar model: with a lower camshaft and two valves per cylinder.

Despite the external similarity with the serial coupe, technically the Australian Mustang has nothing to do with it. All cars of the Supercars series of the current generation are almost identical structurally: since 2013, they have a unified chassis with a tubular frame, independent suspensions of the company Pace Innocations and sequential Albins box back. The exterior body panels are made of steel and plastic, but only resemble serial contours.

Since the founding of the championship in 1997, the series has featured large sedans of local production – the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore. But in 2016, Ford stopped production of the Falcon model and closed its plant in Australia, and a year later the same fate befell the Holden Commodore.

Racing teams had to change the technique: now the “Holden” teams perform on the new Commodore, which is a right-hand drive Opel Insignia with other emblems. The Ford teams continue to ride the Falcon for now, but next year they will switch to the Mustangs.

Previously it was assumed that all the “Supercars” of the new generation would switch from the atmospheric “eights” to the V6 Turbo engines: the new generation engines were developed by Holden and Ford. But the “holdenovtsy” postponed the implementation of the project, and in the coming years will continue to drive on V8 engines.

The Supercars series is nationwide in popularity – it is Australia’s number three sport, after Australian football and cricket. In the calendar of the season-2018 sixteen stages, the most popular races gather over two hundred thousand spectators, and television networks compete for the right to broadcast competitions. Now in the series are brands Holden, Ford and Nissan. In the recent past, there were teams on the Volvo and Mercedes-Benz sedans.