Racing electric Energica Ego Corsa 2019

Racing electric Energica Ego Corsa 2019

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Energica Ego Corsa – the racing version of the serial electrocycle. An Italian company based in Modena, Italy, won the right to supply electric cycles to the new MotoE championship, in which 18 riders from 11 teams take part. In 2019, five stages are planned.

Famous masters such as Cete Gibernau, Randy de Punier, Bradley Smith and so on will take part in the championship. All will have approximately the same electrocycle, which will allow the guys to show their level. The main goal is the development of the electric cycle and the championship.

Italian engineers have done everything to prepare a reliable and high-quality electric cycle Energica Ego Corsa. The serial version of the Energica Ego produces 145 hp. power and 200 Nm of torque. The machine is limited to a mass of 263 kg and a battery capacity of 11.7 kW * h. The Corsa version is developing in the right direction, as evidenced by the characteristics and appearance. Capacity increased to 160 hp, battery capacity up to 20 kWh, and weight close to 225 kg thanks to the dismantling of travel accessories, on-board charger, aluminum battery case – also helped by carbon fiber fairing.

Removing the charger allowed the engineers to make the tail of the motorcycle smoother and more beautiful.