Racing car made from crossover Toyota RAV4

Racing car made from crossover Toyota RAV4

June 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This video shows not the most common version of the Japanese crossover Toyota RAV4. The fact is that the car, which began its life as an ordinary, slightly boring 2008 Toyota RAV4 with a 3.5-liter V6 and a five-speed gearbox, has now become just a monster on wheels.

First of all, the engine is no longer in stock form. Supercharger, heat exchanger, new ignition system, modified ECU (electronic engine control unit), new exhaust system and new wiring make the standard V6 a much more powerful engine. We do not know the exact data on the output power of the resulting engine, but one thing we can say with complete confidence – the sound of this exhaust is just incredible.

 We can say that the dynamic characteristics of a strongly modified Japanese crossover have now become clearly more than the standard 200 hp.

The list of modifications is very long and is not limited to engine manipulations. In total, of course, we will not mention, we say only that the car now drives a completely new suspension and has Hawks Performance brake rotors and pads. Toyo Proxes ST III tires, designed for speeds up to 250 km / h, guarantee a good grip under all conditions.

  The biggest modification occurred with the interior. Inside, there is no high-quality leather, there is no premium audio system with a hundred speakers. Instead, everything from the cabin was removed, and the car became much lighter than before – there are no more passenger seats, floor mats, sound insulation and even large parts of the dashboard and its plastic panels.

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