Racers tested the new MotoGP penalty loop

Racers tested the new MotoGP penalty loop

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Qatar, the pre-season championship road racing circuit tests are held. And on the very first day the riders tried out the penalty system, which may appear in MotoGP.

The organizers of the competition offered an alternative penalty for overtaking under the yellow flags or a cut of the turn. If earlier for such violations racers were required to sacrifice positions or they were assigned additional time at the finish, then in the future this may be a dedicated dedicated loop on the outside of the track. Having passed through it, the participant will lose about three seconds of time.

Andrea Dovizioso commented on the new type of fines: “Many riders liked this idea. It’s really good, everything is clear and understandable. However, I’m not sure whether it will be easy to reproduce it on every track.”


 Dovitzioso himself has not yet had the opportunity to test the loop, but Valentino Rossi did, yes, and he already shared his impressions on this matter. “It was difficult, but not impossible. I heard that the loss of time on the penalty will be about three seconds? It seemed to me that more, but, in any case, it is better than to return the position on the track – here you can lose from half a second to Five. And with the new system, all riders will lose the same amount of time “, – quotes his edition of Motosport-Total.

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