Racer drift by car, sitting a few kilometers away

Racer drift by car, sitting a few kilometers away

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The capabilities of its system demonstrated startup Designated Driver

The technology startup Designated Driver from Portland, Ore., Showed how its virtual vehicle remote control complex works. The drone drove the Goodwood circuit in a slip, and it was driven by the drift champion Von Gittin Jr.

As a test machine, Designated Driver used Lincoln Continental, completely covered in camouflage film. The sedan was equipped with a remote-control software and hardware complex and Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones – they transmitted the picture in real time to a virtual reality helmet Von Gittin Jr., who at that time was located a few kilometers from the car. Data exchange was carried out through the 5G-network of the cellular operator Vodafone.

Moreover, if Vaughn Gittin Jr. was relatively close to the car, then the insured operator Designated Driver was sitting at a startup headquarters on the other side of the Atlantic. The company was very worried that a long distance would cause delays in signal transmission, but they were less than 100 milliseconds. With the proper development of remote control systems, they can be used, for example, to provide various services such as a personal driver, who will be a few thousand kilometers from the client.