Race driver Jesse Combs dies while trying to set a new speed record

Race driver Jesse Combs dies while trying to set a new speed record

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American tried to develop a speed of 996 km / h. She was only 39 years old …

In Oregon, TV presenter and racer Jesse Combs died trying to break a speed record in a jet car. The accident occurred in the Alward desert, around 4 pm on Tuesday, August 27.

Jesse Combs was widely known in the niche sport of jet racing. According to members of the Combs team, the racer was in an Eagle jet car and tried to break her own record.

Jesse’s biggest dream was to become the fastest woman on Earth, and she has been striving for this since 2012. In October 2013, she broke the women’s speed record, which held for 48 years, accelerating to 632 km / h. In 2016, she set a new record – 769 km / h. In 2018, the rider’s indicator reached 777 kilometers, but then the result was not counted. On Tuesday, she planned to reach speeds of up to 996 km / h.

In a family statement, this time Jesse tried to break the absolute female land speed record set back in 1976 by stuntman and racer Kitty O’Neill. Toy managed to develop a speed of 843 km / h on a three-wheeled jet car, but then the FIA ​​did not officially recognize the record, since the car had only three wheels instead of four or more according to the rules.

As for Combs, on Sunday she told friends:

    “People say I’m crazy. I say thank you. ”

Terry Madden, a member of the Combs team, learning about her death, wrote on Instagram: “I never loved and did not love anyone as much as this amazing woman. I enjoyed every minute I spent with her. I have never met, and hardly meet, a person in my life with such powerful fortitude as she had. ”

Combs was also known as the host of the programs “Mythbusters”, “Cool Tuning”, “Extreme 4×4” and several other programs. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.