Queen of Great Britain abandoned driving behind the wheel

Queen of Great Britain abandoned driving behind the wheel

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II decided to abandon driving. Previously, such recommendations were made by the monarch’s own security service, reports The Times. Now to drive the queen by car will be a personal chauffeur. In this case, for Elizabeth II will remain the right to drive a car across the territory of their estates.

Elizabeth II will not have to pass a driver’s license. She is the only person in the United Kingdom who is allowed to drive without an appropriate certificate. However, during the Second World War, she was trained as an ambulance driver. The queen was seen more than once at the wheel of a Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover car.

In February of this year, the husband of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, decided to surrender his driver’s license after the accident that occurred with his participation. This summer he should be 98 years old.


The accident involving Prince Philip happened in January of this year. The Duke of Edinburgh driving a Land Rover collided at a crossroads with a Kia car. As a result, the SUV overturned. Prince Philip himself was not injured in the incident. A few days later, the Duke of Edinburgh was again seen driving a car. This time Prince Philip was riding without a seatbelt. As a result, the police issued a warning to a 97-year-old driver.