Qatar authorities painted roadway blue

Qatar authorities painted roadway blue

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Qatari authorities have found a way to deal with hot asphalt – the coating on the central streets of Doha began to be painted with blue paint. According to engineers, the original color will reduce evaporation, extend the service life and reduce the temperature of roads by 15-20 degrees.

According to the local newspaper Ar-Raya, Japanese urbanists suggested the idea of ​​painting the asphalt with blue paint to the Qatari Office of Public Works. So far, only one street of Abdullah bin Jasem in the very center of Doha is painted in a bright color – there is no shadow near it and the coating temperature in the summer reached 50 degrees Celsius.

If the experiment is successful, the blue color of the asphalt can become the hallmark of Arab cities. However, they will not hastily paint the streets in Doha: they will observe the temperature changes in the bright roadway for a year and a half.

The idea of ​​painting asphalt on public roads is not new: three years ago, the Icelandic authorities added shades to the tracks on the Snaifellsnes peninsula. The experiment in the “land of ice” pursued a different goal: according to ornithologists, a bright roadbed could save rare birds – polar terns from hitting cars.