Qatar authorities experiment with colors for painting asphalt

Qatar authorities experiment with colors for painting asphalt

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

One of the oldest, most popular and busiest streets in Doha has already acquired a striking appearance.

Abdullah bin Jassem Street in Doha (Qatar) delights visitors, drivers and passers-by with its new color scheme. As part of a pilot project carried out by the Public Works Office, the street was painted a magnificent ocean blue. However, behind these efforts is more than just a desire to decorate the roadway. The main idea, according to the local Arab newspaper Arrayah, is to control the heat and lower the temperature of the asphalt on the road. Engineer Saad al-Dosari, who is involved in the new project, said that the temperature of black asphalt is 20 degrees higher than the actual one, since black absorbs and radiates heat. The temperature in Doha in the summer months can reach 50 degrees.

By cooling the air, lighter-colored asphalt can also help protect against diseases associated with overheating. Well, in preparation for the World Cup in 2022, there is also the task of making the capital of Qatar attractive to visitors and tourists.

Authorities will evaluate the results of the experiment for at least 18 months before continuing, and they plan to try other colors as well. The Qatari authorities are conducting an experiment to paint the pavement together with a Japanese company.