Pursuit in GTA style: the offender catapulted from the car

Pursuit in GTA style: the offender catapulted from the car

July 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A terrible scene of the chase in the US flew around the world news agencies. Analogies to the computer game Grand Theft Auto beg of themselves.

The chase took place on July 12 in Florence, South California, but the police made public the video only at the end of last week. It is reported that the Chevrolet TrailBlazer SUV was stopped for gross traffic violations, and the driver – 24-year-old Brittany Jeffords – allowed her black fellow traveler to be released, who was immediately arrested. The girl was frightened that she was waiting for the same fate, and gave on gas.

A wild long-drawn-out pursuit began, during which the girl arranged a real derby with the police – pushed the patrol Doji and Fords, repeatedly pulled out of the road, rushed between houses and trailers, scared their inhabitants and only miraculously no one hit! To stop a deadly race allowed a classic police maneuver – a blow in the side at the stern. After it, TrailBlazer abruptly skidded, and then the SUV “made ears” several times and collapsed to the side. During one of the turns, Brittany was thrown out of the car. The police found her unconscious with her head against the curb. The perpetrator suffered serious injuries, but survived. She was taken to hospital for treatment and on July 17 she was transferred to prison, reports ABC News. Previously, the girl was being held criminally responsible for armed robbery.

None of the police during the chase did not suffer, but the cars suffered significant damage.