Pumaspeed essentially “recharged” Ford Fiesta ST hatchback

Pumaspeed essentially “recharged” Ford Fiesta ST hatchback

December 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

British tuning studio introduced a 245-hp version of the compact Ford Fiesta ST hatchback. There is no more powerful RS version from Ford, so the offer from Pumaspeed will come in handy. In addition to improved technical characteristics, the car also received a slightly modified exterior.

The ardent fans of the “charged” hatchback from Ford now have a great opportunity to become the owner of an even more powerful version of it. The company Pumaspeed, which specializes in tuning cars, not so long ago presented a 245-strong version of the Ford Fiesta ST.

It is reported that the “power boost package” includes a powerful turbocharger with three “pots”, a flash engine electronic control unit, as well as a more efficient Miltek exhaust system.

Thanks to the installation of the latter, the modified Ford Fiesta ST received a formidable roar.

On the YouTube channel Sideways Sid, a video was published, which just showed the final version of the powerful American hatchback. It is noteworthy that the entire amount of upgrades does not require too many spare parts – the guys from Pumaspeed almost did not change the design of the motor, with the exception of the upgraded intercooler.

On assurances of the guys from Pumaspeed, a lot of work was done with the engine software. There are new driving modes – in addition to sports, when the full power of the engine is involved, there are the usual city modes. The 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine sounds at acceleration … well, listen to yourself – this is a fairy tale! Drive in the car as before.

Additional exterior features and a slim roof spoiler give the modernized Fiesta more aggressiveness. The car also received a slightly understated suspension.