Pulse eVTOL or electric airplane with autopilot function

Pulse eVTOL or electric airplane with autopilot function

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The famous Brazilian airline Embraer introduced the concept of a fully autonomous aircraft with an electric power unit. The novelty can also become an ordinary car, if you can call it normal futuristic exterior.

“What will business aviation look like in the next 50 years?” Embraer, a Brazilian company that produces commercial, military and agricultural aircraft, decided to answer this question. It also provides aviation services. As company representatives separately noted, the idea of ​​their new concept was “born” back in the mid-60s.

Engineers and designers of the company for a long time created an innovative aircraft – the result of the work was the concept of an electric airplane-car Pulse with an autonomous control system.

 As can be seen in the video above, the Pulse eVTOL concept shows the future of travel, in which the main role is given to autopilot, as well as a large amount of free space inside – there is also the possibility of installing berths.

As planned by the company’s engineers, the journey of the “future” will begin with passengers choosing their destination. First they get to the airport – on the Pulse eVTOL concept you can ride like an ordinary electric car. Well, then /, the concept becomes an aircraft and begins its journey already in mid-air. After landing, Pulse eVTOL back becomes an ordinary electric car, where you can reach the end point of your journey.

 The Pulse concept, like many other similar automotive concepts, is not just a fictional creation that will be forgotten in the coming years. The Brazilian company plans to launch it in mass production, but hinted that it is unlikely that the new product will appear in the near future.