Published the first images of the electric Lincoln SUV

Published the first images of the electric Lincoln SUV

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The all-electric Lincoln SUV should debut by 2022.

It is said that this chic battery-powered racer will ride on the so-called Rivian skateboard platform, but at the moment we can not say more about that.

This did not stop us from trying to imagine what this Lincoln rider might look like. Of course, the likelihood that it will look in this interpretation (which is clearly based on the Rivian R1S) is small, but at the moment this is our best guess.

Nevertheless, we think that Lincoln hurried a bit with the design of its SUV models – they have something that distinguishes them from the visual point of view. We cannot understand what it is, but they are quite attractive to us.

With that said, I started using some of the Lincoln signals on the Rivian R1S. The original plan was to just give the Rivian SUV the face and wheels of Lincoln, but in the end it turned out much more. The greenhouse is completely different, the belt line has been changed, as well as the height of the ride height.

All these changes show, it seems to me, a completely plausible interpretation of how the Lincoln SUV based on the Rivian R1S might look. Again, since the skateboard platform is modular, it does not impose any restrictions on what type of body can be worn on it, the Lincoln model may ultimately look more like its base model than the Rivian.

Based on what we understand about this project, it will be developed by Rivian for Lincoln, so it can still resemble R1S. We just don’t know at the moment. Maybe it will be more like, say, Lincoln Aviator, but in electrical form. This is someone’s guess at the moment.