Published render on a brand new Nissan GT-R

Published render on a brand new Nissan GT-R

December 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
Nissan GT-R

It is no secret that at present, the engineers of the Japanese brand Nissan are working on a completely new generation of the legendary sports coupe GT-R. In all likelihood, the novelty will have an internal index R36.

We are very interested in how the receiver will look like the current Nissan GT-R (index R35), which was introduced in the distant 2007. According to the latest reports from our insider friends, the new generation GT-R is unlikely to be introduced until 2020.

So the only thing left for us to do is to imagine what the desired Japanese supercar may look like.

That is what the independent artist Vladimir Gololobov decided to do, who published a render a couple of hours ago on the Nissan GT-R. As the artist himself said, the current version of the Japanese supercar was taken as the basis for creating this visualization. In addition, he was inspired by the concept of Vision Gran Turismo, presented a couple of years ago.

 I must say that the overall render of the Nissan GT-R is made in a futuristic, square style with a large number of straight, sharp lines. It is worth noting the vertical headlights, which are organically inscribed in the angular wheel arches. Just below these same arches is the hood. On both sides there are large air intakes that are designed to capture a sufficient amount of oncoming air to cool the engine. At the bottom is a splitter, which should increase downforce on the front axle.