Published render of a new sports model Subaru

Published render of a new sports model Subaru

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The car will receive a hybrid power plant, which will be located between the wheel axles.

Now the Japanese automaker has two sports cars at its disposal – the WRX STI and BRZ. Recently there were rumors about another model – it will receive a hybrid motor, which will be located between the front and rear axle.

Our insider friends say that at the moment, Subaru engineers are working hard on this car.

What will be the new, mid-engined Subaru model? Independent designers from the automotive publication Motor1 have published their own render for this new product. I must say that recently, other, no less well-known automakers have taken up the development of such cars. Take for example the German Alpine A110 and the American Chevrolet Corvette.

Moving to a mid-engine vehicle would be a pretty bold move for Subaru. So, according to foreign designers, the Japanese novelty will definitely get a Subaru branded false radiator grille. The resulting car has common features with the German sports coupe Audi R8, as well as with the Japanese Nissan GT-R. The car turned out pretty compact.

It is reported that the 4-cylinder engine will spin the rear wheels, and the electric motor will take the front. Insiders say that the power of the hybrid power unit will be about 330 horsepower.

Finally, we want to note that for the first time, rumors about the appearance of a similar car in Subaru began to spread back in 2016.