Published photos of the French-Chinese pickup truck under the brand Peugeot

Published photos of the French-Chinese pickup truck under the brand Peugeot

November 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The design of the new Peugeot pickup truck, which is being developed in collaboration with the Chinese Changan, was revealed in spy shots. A test prototype with a camouflaged logo was spotted in Latin America.

Judging by the photos, the front part of the Peugeot pickup will be different from the platform partner of the Changan brand. The Chinese counterpart has already gone on sale in the Middle Kingdom under the name Kaicene F70 – pickups have different grilles, bumpers, headlights, DRL and PTF form. However, the dimensions of the models will be almost identical.

It is expected that in terms of geometric cross-country ability, the Peugeot pickup will not yield to the “Chinese”, whose clearance is 230 mm, the entry angle is 29 degrees, the exit angle is 27 degrees, and the ford depth is 900 mm. There is no information about the interior yet, but, as expected, the model’s interior will be borrowed from the brand’s new cars.

Insiders claim that the key difference between the Peugeot SUV and the Changan model will be the engine range. The Chinese pickup is equipped with licensed Japanese Isuzu and Mitsubishi units, the output of which ranges from 129 to 219 hp. Paired with them is working a 6-speed manual transmission.

The French truck will be equipped with PSA engines, for example, BlueHDi turbodiesels. The drive concept will not change: the pickup will receive a traditional rear-wheel drive transmission with a rigidly connected front axle and a lowering row.

The premiere of the Peugeot pickup is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of next year. South American media are confident that the assembly model will establish at the Uruguayan plant concern PSA. The main market for new items will be Latin American countries, and the prospects for a pickup outside the region are foggy.