Published photos of an unusual prototype of the new Acura TLX

Published photos of an unusual prototype of the new Acura TLX

June 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to reports of insiders, the novelty can be sealed with the Type-S version, which traditionally receives a sporting finish. The car should make a worthy competition to the German “charged” Mercedes C43 / C63 and BMW M3.

There were spy photos of a rather unusual prototype of the Japanese sports sedan Acura TLX. The journalists got an updated model in the Type-S version, which received a sporting finish.

A somewhat strange vehicle has what is called a “tight” disguised front end, through which you can still see some elements of the updated exterior. In particular, it’s hard not to notice the turquoise front fenders and a couple of details with the same color.

It is assumed that the engineers of the Japanese premium brand decided to use a dual scheme of “encryption” of their new models – that certainly not someone did not guess what color the car will receive. Note that usually automakers do not use a similar, 2-color scheme.

Another small oddity is that the headlights are halogen, but the sports sedan TLX is equipped with only LED headlights. You can see that there are wheel arch extensions in the rear of the seen car – probably Acura engineers are planning to test the car on wheel disks of a larger radius. The trapezoidal exhaust pipe systems look slightly wider than those that are currently available on the TLX model.

In the new version of the Acura sedan also can not see the salon – it’s also taken care of its disguises – we can assume that there are some significant changes there too. One of them will be the screen of the infotainment system, which is now on the top of the front panel.

According to insiders, under the hood of the “charged” models Acura Type-S will be turbocharged engine V6, which will be connected to the all-wheel drive.