Published images of the sports coupe new generation Nissan 400Z

Published images of the sports coupe new generation Nissan 400Z

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The presented render shows a new generation of sports coupe in retro-futuristic design. The author of these images is an independent artist.

  For a long time, various rumors have been circulating on the Web about the upcoming Nissan 400Z, which will be the long-awaited receiver for the legendary 370Z sports coupe. We heard rumors that the new 2021 model year will receive power up to 400 horsepower and a cost of about $ 40,000, but we still don’t know much in which direction Nissan will create the next Z-series car .

A new rendering created by an independent artist shows one of the possible scenarios. And to be honest, we like what we see.

 Graphic artist Adan Lopez prepared a visualization and a short video demonstrating his 400Z version with a futuristic design and many retro features. Adan’s car, which he calls the Fairlady Z35, is very similar to the 370Z. The front end bears the same angular headlights and has a Nissan V-motion grille design in an oversized front air intake. An updated company logo is also present and even has the ability to glow.

 The side profile is fantastic, with a strong bend in the front pillar, which adds to the sports coupe the depth of the roof line. Other exterior details, such as round cutouts on door handles, an optional Nissan logo and five-spoke wheels give the 400Z a “muscular” look. The design of the taillights may be the most dramatic feature of the entire rendering, with linear red accents found in round lamps. Also worth noting is the wide dual exhaust and the duck spoiler.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote about what is known about the Nissan Z 2021 sports coupe. In this article we have collected all the data that is currently known about a completely new generation of sports car Nissan Z.