Published a rating of the most problematic crossovers with mileage

Published a rating of the most problematic crossovers with mileage

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Daily Mail, together with the British operator of the used car market, Warrantywise, have presented a list of the most reliable and unreliable crossovers between the ages of 3 and 8.

According to the analysis, the reliability index of the Renault Kadjar is 95.7%. This indicator means that the owners of cars of this model are the least likely to come with calls to dealerships, and repairs took the least amount of time. Experts noted that the price of repairing the Kadjar in the event of a breakdown averaged £ 349, slightly more than its classmates.

The second position in the list of the most reliable crossovers is occupied by the Ford EcoSport with a score of 93.2%. This model has the lowest average repair cost, which is in the 135 pounds border. The three leaders were closed by Mitsubishi ASX with a reliability index of 90.7%. Also, the TOP-10 of hassle-free crossovers in the secondary market included: Renault Captur, Lexus RX, Suzuki SX4, Dacia Duster, Suzuki Jimny and Toyota Land Cruiser, and closed the entire list of Mercedes-Benz GLE.

The leader in the list of the most unreliable crossovers was the BMW X6 with a reliability index of about 20.6%. In the course of the study, it became clear that about a third of owners over the past five years came to services with a request for repair, and the main problem of the model was an unreliable transmission. The average repair price for the X6 was a notable £ 1,869. Moreover, BMW X5 with the result of 47.2% took only tenth position.

The second line of the anti-rating went to Mercedes-Benz GL with an index of 22.4%, and the top three anti-leaders was closed by Porsche Cayenne with a result of 25.5%. In addition, the TOP-10 most unreliable models included: Range Rover Sport, Chevrolet Captiva, Range Rover, Audi Q7, Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport.