Published a patent for another chip of the new Ford Bronco

Published a patent for another chip of the new Ford Bronco

October 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Ford Bronco patent shows mounting brackets with integrated direction indicators. So far, there is no data on whether this feature will eventually appear on the SUV or not.

Even before the debut of the revived Ford Bronco, we talked about these braces on the hood of an SUV. At the time, we weren’t sure about their exact purpose, but in the end it turned out that they were made for people who want to fasten oversized things like kayaks and canoes with belts and transport them on the roof of their car.

The new patent, which was originally filed with the US Trademark Office back in May 2019 and was recently discovered on the overseas Bronco 6G forum, hints that the brackets may have a different purpose.

The brackets you see in the patent sketches below are slightly different in shape from those already installed on the Bronco. But more importantly, they hide a little secret.

According to the foreign publication Muscle Cars and Trucks, a luminous element is attached to the brackets. As described in the patent, “the mounting bracket includes at least one lamp” and “thus, the mounting bracket can function as one or more of signal lights, direction indicators, turn lights, and so on.

Of course, filing a patent does not necessarily mean that what we see in the sketches will actually be on the production model. However, given the adventurous nature of the Bronco SUV and the fact that Ford will have hundreds of accessories for this model, we believe we will see glowing mounting brackets as an additional feature for the Bronco in the future.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote about why the updated Ford Bronco will not have a folding windshield. As part of his interview, a Ford spokesman said that the new generation Bronco SUV could still get a folding windshield. It was separately noted that “the possibility of a folding windshield was incorporated into the design of the car.”