Proof that the new Tesla Roadster is insanely fast!

Proof that the new Tesla Roadster is insanely fast!

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The next generation of Tesla Roadster is so fast that you just blink, and it’s gone. The video was published by an eyewitness, for which the American novelty even slowed down its speed, after which it took off.

For the first time, a completely new generation of Tesla’s 4-seater sports electric car was introduced in November of distant 2017 as a prototype. Mass production will be adjusted in 2020. The automaker stated that it was the fastest accelerating production car.

To a speed of 100 km / h, the Tesla Roadster can accelerate in just 1.9 seconds. Agree that it is incredibly fast! Some TOP supercars and even hypercars cannot boast of such indicators.

Just a couple of minutes ago, a video appeared in the network, which demonstrates such a fast acceleration of an electric sports car from the USA. Noticing that it is removed, the Roadster driver slows down near the car with the operator, and then that there is power rushes forward. What can I say, it is very impressive. Here it is, a real high-speed “gun”!

Here are the declared characteristics of the new generation of Tesla Roadster. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is carried out in 1.9 seconds, the first 402 meters overcomes an electric vehicle in 8.8 seconds. The maximum speed will be more than 402 km / h, the maximum possible torque is 10,000 Nm. Power reserve – 1,046 km (battery installed with a capacity of 200 kWh). The American roadster is equipped with the all-wheel drive all-wheel drive system (only three electric motors — two for the rear wheels and one for the front axle). The base price will be 200,000 dollars. To order a basic version of a sports car, you need to pay $ 50,000.