Promoters of the Grand Prix of Mexico did not apply for 2020

Promoters of the Grand Prix of Mexico did not apply for 2020

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We talked about the vague prospects of the Grand Prix of Mexico – the government of the country is not going to allocate more budget money for the Formula 1 race, and now the organizers of this very popular race are in a more difficult position: they missed the deadline for applying for 2020.

In essence, this means that Mexican promoters could not provide Liberty Media with the necessary financial guarantees – in accordance with the existing contract, this had to be done before the end of February.

However, this does not mean that the race in Mexico City in 2019 will be the last, because the parties still have time to maneuver, and theoretically they can still agree.

Mexican promoters are making all possible efforts to save their Grand Prix, but are forced to admit that while events are developing in an alarming scenario.

“The organizers have lost the right to keep their race dates in the 2020 season,” the statement said. “But negotiations with the Formula 1, and with the authorities of our country continue, and we are full of desire to find acceptable alternative options …”

This year will also expire contracts for races in Spain, Great Britain, Germany and Italy, and if Liberty fails to reach a compromise with the promoters of these stages, then the fate of several classic European Grand Prix will be threatened.

In this situation, the FIA ​​World Council of Motorsports, whose meeting is scheduled for next week, can begin to discuss the issue of the Formula 1 calendar already now, a little earlier than usual.