Projected auto-display with voice control showed Xiaomi

Projected auto-display with voice control showed Xiaomi

April 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Xiaomi has shown you a new Carrobot Smart Head-Up Display, which will be assembled by its partner Carrobot, at its Youpin collective funding site.

Automotive projection displays (Head-Up Display, HUD) are becoming increasingly popular, and are also installed in almost all cars. For cases when the driver does not have the newest car, automobile HUDs have been created. Note that this is the second variation of such a device, which is offered by Xiaomi. A new option at the stage of collective financing is offered at the same price tag of $ 70, but after the crowdfunding stage the price will increase to $ 98.

Carrobot Smart Head-Up Display is capable of projecting in front of the user’s eyes all the important information, including speed, distance to the destination, engine speed, navigation map and the like. To obtain this information without such a gadget, you need to look away from the road to the dashboard or screen of the multimedia system, which increases the risk of accidents.

The most important difference of the new version, despite the price remaining, is full support for voice control. A smart assistant will help you not only get directions from point to point, but also tell you where a good place to relax, eat and stop overnight on the road.