Project Manager Nissan GT-R does not know what the supercar’s successor will be

Project Manager Nissan GT-R does not know what the supercar’s successor will be

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We have been looking forward to news about the next generation of the Japanese GT-R supercar for a long time, but the guys from Nissan are not going to open their cards yet. That is what the chief specialist of the Nissan GT-R project says.

Hiroshi Tamura is the person responsible for the GT-R model of the R35 generation, so if someone can answer the desired question for many, then this is the right person. In a recent conference, Mr. Tamur was asked if the new version of the GT-R supercar in the even more powerful version of the Nismo 2020 model year was the latest design for the R35.

“Is this the final version for our current generation supercar?”, Tamura himself quotes the question. As a result of the conversation, a traditional and rather conservative answer was received: “I cannot tell you anything at the moment … but I don’t know what the next version of the machine will be.”

It looks like Nissan itself has yet to decide what the next GT-R will become, which is a bit discouraging. But the latest update of the supercar for the 2020 model year also certified the power plant for more stringent environmental regulations. This means that the automaker still has enough time to make a final decision regarding the next generation car. And since the waiting list for the current model has been stretched for more than 18 months, why rush?

“Maybe the next generation Nissan GT-R will be offered as a 2022 or 2023 model year supercar?” Said Tamura-san. Then he puts his hand on his chest. “In my heart we have already begun work on the receiver of the cult model.”