Production of the first electric crossover Audi e-tron began

Production of the first electric crossover Audi e-tron began

September 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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The mass production of electric crossover Audi e-tron began in Brussels

At the Audi plant, located in the Belgian community of Worst, the serial production of an electric crossover e-tron started. The first off the assembly line came off the all-terrain vehicle in red, called Misano Red. Public presentation of the novelty will be held September 17 in San Francisco.

The first “battery” Audi is equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 360 horsepower. In the sports mode of operation of the control electronics, the recoil can briefly increase to 408 hp. On one charge, the e-tron is capable of driving up to 400 kilometers and completely replenishing the energy reserve in 30 minutes (using high-speed charging stations).

The special feature of Audi e-tron is a special energy recovery system, which provides up to 30 percent of the power reserve. At the same time, the recovery level can be selected with the help of the steering wheel paddles: in the least intensive braking moment, when coasting, there is no, at the maximum – the electric car starts to slow down intensively when the gas is released.

In addition, Audi e-tron – the first production car for which as an option will offer virtual side mirrors-cameras, the picture from which is broadcast on OLED-displays installed just below the side windows.