Problems with airbags Takata may be in the car four more automakers

Problems with airbags Takata may be in the car four more automakers

December 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The US Government Traffic Safety Agency has launched an investigation into four other automakers who have the potentially deadly type of Takata airbags in their vehicles.

An NHTSA document posted Thursday said an investigation has been launched against Audi, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi in connection with the recall of Takata involving 1.4 million defective items. Thus, the total number of affected manufacturers can grow to five, since a problem was discovered in BMW back in December.

Recall that in the pillows of the Japanese company Takata, a defective pyro cartridge was found, which, if triggered, collapses, showering the driver or passengers with metal fragments. The problem killed a driver in Australia driving a BMW 3-Series. This led to the recall of 116 thousand cars.

The Safety Agency notes in its documents that Takata did not provide detailed information about damaged makes and models of cars with defective airbags. Therefore, companies should recall them quickly. Based on when the defective items were produced, it is likely that the cars to be recalled were produced in 1995-2000.

A Honda spokesman said Thursday that he had not yet decided whether his cars would be affected, but a decision should be made shortly. Audi, Mitsubishi and Toyota said they were still investigating.