Princess Diana’s original 1981 Ford Escort to be auctioned

Princess Diana’s original 1981 Ford Escort to be auctioned

June 10, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Ford Escort, which drove the British Princess Diana, will be sold

Princess Diana was one of the world’s most famous celebrities in the 1990s. Keeping much of her personal life a secret from the media and the paparazzi, she was literally the most photographed person on the entire planet. Admittedly, she was also known for her love of various cars. One of her first cars was this stunning Ford Escort.

The five-door hatchback was presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in May 1981, two months before the royal wedding. Until August 1982, Diana used the third generation model as her personal transport. This was the happiest part of her relationship with the Prince of Wales.

For about two decades, the car disappeared from the public eye. He was found and decided to sell at the Riemann Dancy Antiques and Fine Art Sale in Essex on June 29. It is in excellent condition with factory paint and upholstery and original registration numbers WEV 297W.

There is a silver mascot frog on the hood, which is an exact replica of a gift from Princess Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah Spencer, “to remind her of the tale of a beautiful girl whose kiss turned a frog into a prince.”

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of this 1981 Ford Escort ranges from 42,260 to 56,350 dollars, or from 3 million 46 thousand to 4 million 61 thousand rubles. at current exchange rates at the June 29 sale in Essex. According to the listing, the current owner of the car treasured the car and its royal history, so she kept its royal origins a secret, even from her friends.

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