Prices for a brand new BMW Z4 became known

Prices for a brand new BMW Z4 became known

December 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews
new BMW Z4

Well, to say, the German roadster turned out to be more expensive than we expected. Initial grade priced at 64,695 dollars. Apparently, the Japanese Toyota Supra of the new generation will receive approximately the same price.

Not that we would think that the guys from BMW would sell a new generation of their Z4 roadster at a fairly low price. It is known that all models of the company are quite expensive, but … We were very surprised when we learned that the initial equipment of the long-awaited novelty will receive a price tag of $ 64,695.

 It should be noted that the official prices in the US have not yet been announced, but some screenshots published on the forum show the secret price list so far.

Judging by these pictures, the starting price of the Z4 M40i version is 65,690 dollars. I must say that this is quite a big jump in price compared to the previous version of the model. But this time, the roadster received a new power in-line turbo unit with 6 cylinders with a capacity of 382 horsepower. We also note the adaptive suspension, a whole variety of driver assistance systems, as well as an 8-speed automatic transmission.

  The German roadster, as well as the continuation of the Japanese legend Toyota Supra, have the same components and assemblies, in particular motors. Now it’s hard to even guess how much the Japanese novelty will cost. Most likely the prices will be about the same. Thus, the basic version of the Toyota Supra will be offered at a price of $ 60,000. Most likely, fans of the Japanese automaker will be very surprised by this.