Presents the evolution of the British Mini Cooper

Presents the evolution of the British Mini Cooper

November 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Mini – probably everyone has heard about this car brand from the UK. Perhaps there are those who are not particularly aware of what their models look like, in particular the 3 and 5 door Mini Cooper hatchback. But in any case, the name of the company makes it clear that these are very small cars.

The car turns 59 years old and is a very, very big age for one model!

The automaker Mini is more famous for its subcompact models, which in fact are ideal vehicles for the city – after all, not all megalopolises can boast of spacious streets. The beauty of such miniature machines is that they can easily be smashed where relatively large cars have some difficulty with traveling.

We would like to note that the very first model of the Mini car company appeared on the roads of Great Britain back in 1959. Until 2000, the car received only a few relatively small changes. And only after the German auto giant BMW acquired the Mini, the latter began to develop by leaps and bounds. Now there is even a high-performance version of the MINI John Cooper Works.

The overseas edition of BudgetDirect has recently published an image that shows all 10 generations of the British subcompact 3-and 5-door hatchback Mini Cooper.