Presents Images of the New Genesis GV70

Presents Images of the New Genesis GV70

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After Genesis confirmed that their second GV70 SUV will appear in 2021, today we got a new rendering from Instagram, where we can see what the rival BMW X3 might look like and looks promising, what do you think?

The image was sent out during the New Year’s announcement by the vice president of Hyundai Motors Group. He said: “Genesis will accelerate foreign expansion into China and Europe and will actively expand its lineup, including the first SUV model released this year to enhance the influence of the global brand.”

So now, if you look at the image below, which is a comparison between the Tucson test mule that we are interested in today and the original Santa Fe-based GV80 test mule, you will find some similarities in the front wheel arch.

Despite the fact that the wheels look the same, there is a strip on the wheel arch that indicates that we are in front of a car with a longer hood, which is necessary to turn on larger engines, such as the 3.3 TT, which is available on the G70 sedan. Also, this test mule looks longer and wider than the body underneath.

Returning to the drawing presented at the HMG event, the shape of the hood, roof and side mirrors, as well as the size of the body, differ on three SUVs. The hood of the model on the left end emphasizes smoothness, while the model on the right end has a clear bend and string. This can be interpreted as the result of Genesis’s “Sporty Elegance” design philosophy. “If the G80 has a 50:50 ratio of elegance to dynamics, then the G70 has 70% dynamics and 30% elegance,” – said Lee Sang-Yop. who is responsible for the Genesis style.

Since Genesis plans to introduce the GV80 this year, and then the GV70, another model on the left side cannot be ruled out, like the flagship Genesis SUV, the so-called GV90.