Presents a prototype of the most absurd electric bike

Presents a prototype of the most absurd electric bike

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Italian company 2Electron considered that electrification, with all its advantages for transport, robs the motorcycle of any pleasure. And she decided to return to motorcycles all the advantages of a gasoline engine, with the exception of the internal combustion engine itself.

Electric motorcycles are boring. The motor runs silently, so it will not work to rush along the avenue. No need to switch speeds, the power increases linearly – in short, no character, unlike ICE. 2Electron from Turin has figured out how to combine past experience with the electric platform of the future, writes New Atlas.

On the large touch screen of the Emula prototype, you can select several models of old gasoline motorcycles, from four-cylinder to two-stroke and V-shaped engines. Its characteristics are Emula and will try to emulate – power curves, hydraulics, gear levers. The speakers located under the seat will reproduce the recognizable roar of the selected engine. And so that the level of absurdity does not seem insufficient, vibrators are installed throughout the bike.

The company plans to replenish the assortment of models of the past that can be revived with the help of Emula, so that the electric motorcycle will become a kind of time machine – this is what the developers had in mind when they called the McFly Core system. And invested in its creation a lot of labor and time. Despite the fact that all these chips, objectively reasoning, make the bike worse.

However, Emula can do without simulating the bikes of the past – just start the “Boring” mode. Then it will be a regular sports electric motorcycle with a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

The lack of engine noise when driving an electric car is not only an aesthetic issue. Silently racing car creates additional dangers for pedestrians. BMW has decided to develop a special sound design for its future electric vehicles. And invited for this purpose the famous composer Hans Zimmer.